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Hi everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to check out Jampacked Careers.  I chose our business name because people tell me I have just the information they need to guide them through that often difficult and sometimes confusing career decision-making process!

What I do

I'm a qualified and experienced careers professional and my work is far-reaching including:


Young People

From single review sessions to six-week careers coaching packages, I cover all aspects of careers awareness and development: 

  • Exploring, analysing, clarifying and developing career choice options. Providing an actionable plan that helps you move towards achieving your desired potential. 

  • Advising with choices in further education, apprenticeships and higher education.

  • Guidance when looking for your first job, students looking for work placements and careers after graduation.

  • Supporting CV, covering letter and personal statement writing, interview preparation, online assessment practice, assessment centre day planning, developing skills in knowing where to look for jobs and how to build connections through social and professional media.


I run Careers Question Time Evenings for different job sectors as well as Saturday Surgeries where young people can come along for a one-off one hour session with me to support any aspect of their immediate career development.  I can also be found in local schools providing independent careers advice for Yr 10, 11, 12 and 13.


From single review sessions to six weeks or longer, I provide careers coaching packages covering all aspects of careers awareness and development:

  • Empowering you to return to work after a period of unemployment.

  • Supporting you with careers change including redundancy.

  • Advising choices in training, education and funding availability.

  • Coaching you to develop confidence, motivation and self-awareness whilst also building a plan that helps you to develop a new and/or flexible career path.

  • Supporting CV, covering letters, personal statement writing, interview preparation.

  • Developing skills in knowing where to look for jobs and how to build connections through social and professional media.

If you're a parent - here's just one option to help you and your teenager!

Are you a parent who has a young person struggling with career decisions? Are they wondering what subjects to take at GCSE or A level; perhaps thinking about college, un...
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