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About me


I love this quote by American historian Kim Butler: 'Our potential lies between what is and what could be'.  It's pretty profound!  And it can apply to every one of us!


I haven't always been a qualified careers practitioner!  In fact, I've had a number of careers including working in a bank (even though I am not a natural at maths!), insurance, marketing communications and education.  Like many mums, I had many part-time roles whilst my son was small. But NONE of these experiences were wasted - I learnt a lot from each job, especially what was important for me to get maximum fulfilment from my work. This of course takes time (or should I say patience!), opportunities and experience.  


Now, as an independent Careers Practitioner, I am loving helping people find a compass for their own careers.  Careers work is dynamic and exciting and I would love to help you get passionate about your future career choices.  

I am inspired to help people find out what they want to do with their careers, in a landscape of jobs and training that is constantly changing.  Each client I work with is so different, yet the opportunity for change and development is the same for each and every one.  It is often a question of building motivation and confidence; sometimes it's more about practical career skills that clients need but usually, it involves both! 


Over the years I have learnt that people change - not least of all me!  We have our seasons in jobs and careers, just as we do in life and these experiences are incredibly valuable when we realise that we can utilise many of those skills and values to take steps towards a more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding future. 


I love being part of the client journey - supporting and nurturing, guiding and advising. As a registered careers development professional, my approach is one of focusing on my client's needs through reflective and insightful practice.  My clients are nationwide, from Manchester to Bristol, Brimingham to Stoke on Trent as well as locally where I live in Kent. Take a look at some of the clients I have helped recently under Testimonials. I would love to help you achieve your greatest potential!


Seeking Professional Career Guidance

We sometimes talk about getting careers advice and guidance and I guess many of us will relate to their school careers’ interview with mixed reactions!


It's interesting that many of us believe that the one school careers interaction is the only chance to get careers guidance despite the process being something that can be helpful throughout our career life. Even more so, at the moment, when the job landscape is changing by the day and people are worried, uncertain and confused.

It helps you to review where you are now, identify what is important to you, what your objectives are short, medium and long term and finally what you can start doing now to achieve them.

A careers practitioner/coach will enable you to explore, analyse and clarify your career idea, evaluate how you might have to fill a skill gap or retrain and give you the tools to develop your career plan. 

Practitioners have a wealth of information, contacts and experience to help you move forward to make confident, well-informed career decisions. We can also identify market information, help you develop valuable skills such as effective interview techniques or how to develop and implement a winning job search and also help you find funding for courses and qualifications.

We are there to support, encourage and bring confidence to exploring career options.  We always remain impartial whilst allowing you the opportunity to discover career possibilities and make your own judgements about your future.

As Registered Careers Development Professionals, we are qualified to Level 6 (Degree) or 7 (Masters Degree) and abide by the Career Development Institute’s Code of Ethics. If you would like a free chat to find out if careers guidance might help you confidently move forward, please do get in touch.  Or check out the CDI website for details of all registered practitioners in the UK.

  • I am a member of the CDI and a Registered Career Development Professional​

  • I have a current DBS certificate and up to date Safe Guarding Foundations Training and Safer Recruitment Training completed December 2021

  • Level 6 Post graduate Diploma Careers Guidance Distinction

  • Level 6 Post Graduate Diploma Marketing

  • Level 4 PTLLS

  • Level 3 Parenting Facilitator

  • Level 3 Interior Design

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