7 tips on how to find a job using a recruitment agency

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

There are indications that recruitment agencies are looking for school leaver candidates for their job opportunities that employers have tasked them with finding a suitable applicant. The pandemic has seen a whole mix of new jobs emerging as well as some types of work disappearing. Apprenticeships and junior roles are increasing and so recruitment agenies are keen to talk to young people about available work. Most young people are unaware of how to use a recruitment agency so here are some tips on how to make the best of this great method of seeking work.

How it works

It costs you nothing to register with a recruitment consultant Simply, they have access to vacancies registered with them by organisations looking to find people to fill their job roles. If the agency fills the vacancy, the organisation then pays them a fee for finding a suitable person.

The great advantage of using a recruitment agency is that they usually have quite a few vacancies, they have the contacts and if you are right for a particular job – they will endeavour to get you an interview on your behalf. All good reasons to use a recruitment agency in your job search strategy.

However, you will have to approach this way of looking for jobs in a slightly different manner from online applications. So, here are my tips to help you ‘shine’ with recruitment agencies!

1. Have a well-presented CV ready to hand to them or email across to them and include references.

2. Call them to arrange an appointment so that you can register your details with them. I recommend planning what you will say; even write it down if you feel a bit nervous. This way you should feel more confident and have made a good first impression.

3. When you meet the recruitment consultant make sure your dress is smart/casual – no baseball caps, jeans or party clothes! You are making an immediate impression and they have to feel confident they can put you forward for interviews with their clients – their reputation is on the line!

4. Communicate well. Good handshake and eye contact will help. The recruitment consultant will make you feel at ease and talk to you about the information on your CV and generally get to know your strengths, skills and qualities. They will also ask you about your availability.

5. Remember this is a great way to build your interview skills and will give you confidence for when they secure an interview for you.

6. They may ask you to complete a registration form. If your handwriting isn’t brilliant – just take your time and don’t rush it so that you stand the best chance of making a good written impression too.

7. Once registered they will search all their jobs and if they have something that is suitable, they will contact the employer to discuss your suitability with the intention of securing an interview for you!

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