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if you want a part time/summer job - read this - part 3!

More ways to find summer/part time jobs!

So you’re applying online, using a recruitment agency – what else could you do to speed up the process of getting a job? Now you need to explore the hidden job market – those jobs you wouldn’t find without doing a bit of hard work!

Here are my 6 top tips:

1. If you are confident enough, I recommend printing off at least 12 CV’s; prepare a little ‘introduction’ about yourself and then get yourself down the town! Pop into all the places that might employ you and where you could see yourself working whether or not they are advertising.

I would suggest you ask to speak to the manager but if they are not available leave your CV (not crumpled!) but make a good impression – have a brief conversation with the person to whom you are handing your CV! Remember, they could have an impact on whether the manager gets back to you!

Employers love the fact that you made an effort. And sometimes they will employ you despite the fact they weren’t advertising. In my experience, employers will sometimes create jobs for people they want to recruit!

2. Whilst you’re out and about, look in all the shop windows – you’ll probably see a few job vacancies.

3. Talk to friends – particularly those who already have jobs – they know whether jobs are coming up in their own organisation – that way you come recommended! And this is usually a very successful way of finding a job!

4. Talk to your parents! Is there an opportunity in their place of work?

5. Ask neighbours if they know of any jobs or if they have anything they need help with – something is better than nothing.

6. Ask on social media – you’ll be surprised who knows someone who knows someone who has a vacancy. An example might be 'Jobs in and around Tunbridge Wells' - a Facebook page that might be worth a look. There are usually job pages for most areas of the UK. Or check out your local Nextdoor facebook page - you could promote yourself on any number of these community websites!

Best of luck with your job search - you'll do it!

Elaine Latchford

June 2022


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