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My best kept secret for your teenager’s first CV!

It usually comes as a surprise even though you’ve been pestering your teenager about it for ages.

They come home from school, one day, all enthusiastic and declare they want to get a Saturday job! You're so pleased that they’re showing initiative but then they ask the question you’ve been dreading …. Please can you help me write a CV!

I know! Just one more thing to think about and where do you start when they’ve only got a couple of days to get it sent off?

This is the secret. The CV starts life before they need it. It starts life as a record of Achievements and Interests for want of a better description. It starts life when they are 12 or 13. It starts life as a folder with a few jottings of things your teenager is doing. Here are just a few examples:

  • Member of local athletic club – came 2nd in the long jump in a local competition

  • Helps you with your business calculating cost of materials and hourly rates (or this could be household budget)

  • Has been redesigning a part of the garden to include a place for toy storage

  • Helps out at the local animal rescue centre

  • Achieved an award for most improved student in history class

So when they’re telling you what they’re up to – really listen and make a note every single time!

You will probably find there are far too many to mention when you start looking at all the little bits of paper. But you'll be amazed and proud of all those things big and small that matter to them!

Even if you don't use everything you’ve put in the folder, it’s great to look back at what they’ve achieved/overcome/developed in their short lives. A reminder of just how great they are!

So when your teenager asks you that inevitable question - you know you and your child will now have a bank of truly authentic and incredibly useful content to use. So helping them with their CV will be 'no problem'!

Watch out for tomorrow's tips on using today's secret to discover your teenager's in-built skills and qualities that employers will love....

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