Post Exam Butterflies

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

It's that time of year again. Exam time! And, from experience, I imagine there is high tension among the current batch of Year 11’s and their parents! Inevitably, the emphasis on achievement is great however subtle it presents itself.

And despite the summer holidays providing enjoyable distractions, there is often what can only be described as an uncomfortable lull between exams and results day.

Whilst some students will be assured of their choice of A levels or other learning routes, there will be other students who exceed or underperform in various subjects or change their minds and this may require a rethink around post GCSE study options.

It is a well-known fact that teenagers look to their parents for careers guidance and it’s tricky!

We only have our own experiences to relate and this makes it difficult to be impartial and feel confident with current careers information and learning options. When faced with the dilemmas of results day we can often feel a bit helpless.

With this in mind, I thought you might appreciate some pointers on how to prepare for those post exam butterflies and feel a little bit more prepared and ready for any change in the original plan:

1. Gather Information - Check out for yourself what might be available as future learning options for your teenager.

This may include 6th form choice at their current school and other school 6th forms

Maybe consider BTEC National Diplomas (depending on subject level also provide access to uni), Check out your local FE colleges including Hastings college, West Kent College and Mid Kent College – where A levels and BTECS (more vocational) are offered – they are still running open days which is great way to speak to tutors and get a feel for the environment and what support might be available.

Apprenticeships at Level 2 or Level 3 - this is a really helpful apprenticeship website but there are many others -

2. Keep options open

Unless your teenager is clear on what their future career may look like, then keeping as many options open is a good way forward without, of course, jeopordising any key areas of interest. Better to choose the studying/training options that they enjoy and in which they can excel.

3. Consider their learning style

This is really important. What you don’t want is an unhappy teenager studying at Level 3 using reading/writing only when, for example, they may be better being more hands on and applying theory to practical projects or in the work place. The VARK learning style model is a useful indicator of learning styles – this might be a useful website

4. Pros and Cons

It can help your teenager make decisions for future learning by supporting them with a pros and cons list. This will also show that you are willing to be impartial and listen to all their ideas about choices and possible future careers.

5. Another Plan A!

If things don’t turn out as planned, think about Plan B as another Plan A – hopefully this will help your teenager from feeling discouraged and, in my experience, it often turns out to be an equally if not better route for their potential future career!

I hope this will help you get through those weeks when nothing is certain and the very best of luck to everyone!

If you feel you would like any help with this, feel free to contact me about the consultation days below.

Post Results Learning Choices Consultations GCSE

I will be holding GCSE Results Consultations on the following days: 23rd, 27th, 29th and 30th August which will need to be booked in advance. These will be one hour sessions with you and your teenager in your own home or venue of your choice. The aim of these sessions is to build a comfortable yet positive learning plan for your teenager. Cost £25.

Post Results Careers Guidance Consultations A Level

I will also be offering A level Results Consultations on 16th, 19th, 20th and 23rd August providing support for your teenager in building a Career/Learning Action Plan. These will be 1 hour session with you and your teenager in your home or venue of choice. Cost £25.

Please check out the testimonial from Julia on how I helped her son with learning choices at this crucial time.

If you would just like a chat, please do get in touch on 07910273740.

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