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Two inspiring young people living life colourfully...

Wherever I go I always like to chat to people about what they’re doing and how they got there! Yesterday was no exception. I bumped into two very different young people making their way in the world.

Firstly, I met a young guy who was trying to find the exit out of the shopping centre. Turns out it was his first day there in a commission sales only job and working in a town which was new to him. He had been to uni for a while studying mechanical engineering which had 'bored him rigid'. He had always had an interest in business and thought by being at the coalface of selling he would truly find out how resilient he could be in that environment. He was excited for his future because he had found something he was passionate about and, despite knowing it might be a challenge, he was giving it his best shot.

Later, I was being served by an amazingly helpful and bubbly young woman who had had to overcome quite serious illness after finishing uni. She told me that she worked alongside her situation by choosing temporary contract jobs that she would really enjoy when she was well. So far, she has learnt how to make barista style coffee, something she always wanted to do; worked in a bookshop - she loves books. And currently she is enjoying learning about and selling vegetarian and vegan cosmetics.

I was just blown away by their amazing tenacity and willingness to get up and start again despite their circumstances.

They were living life colourfully; being fearless and embracing opportunities - and I love that.

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