Reaching out to Elaine at Jampacked Careers was absolutely the best decision for my son (currently year 13).

The time had come to make a post school plan and unlike some of his peers, he was struggling to know which way to turn uni/apprenticeship/work and was becoming overwhelmed by the decision making process.

Following a very productive session with Elaine he now has a better understanding of how to work to his personal skill set and interests and is focusing his research into suitable courses and jobs, all with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

He found Elaine easy to chat to and enjoyed getting her inspiring, independent advice.

Thank you Elaine!

Kit H.

Elaine is excellent and empowering. 

Before I started working with her I was feeling despondent about potentially changing career direction so close to retirement age. But I now feel excited about potential change and am examining all the options with a sense of energy and confidence.

Her work is totally person-centered and she picks up on ‘where you’re at’ rather than sticking to a rigid schedule. She is a brilliant listener and she uses this to help you weigh up decisions or possibilities. She also helps you have the correct focus when writing personal statements and recognises what the reader of the statement will be looking for.  I now read my personal statements with pride. 

Before I saw Elaine I thought my CV was quite good, but she gave me three bits of advice that I implemented to transform it. 

Elaine encourages you to use your full potential. She facilitates you to really go for it. We are still mid-process but I feel really confident that the path I finalise on will be achievable and totally right for me. Tonight we’re working on interview skills. 

I have never employed a career’s adviser before - but I am so glad I have now. If you too are thinking about this, I fully recommend Elaine.

On a star scale out of five, I give her five star ⭐️  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Julia C.

I am very grateful to Elaine for her fabulous career advice to me and my son on GCSE results day. We were struggling to know what we should be doing next having received the news that he couldn't return to school for the 6th form.


Elaine listened to our story, and we spent a long time chatting through all our options. She was calm, honest, and very caring. Her advice was very sound and practical and we are very pleased that we explored all avenues that were open to us.


Our son is now very happy at West Kent College doing a course that really suits his learning style.  I have spoken to Elaine many times since that first conversation and I value her advice and support since then. Thank you so much Elaine. 

Lucy C.

I was studying Illustration at uni but I wasn't happy with the thought that in most cases illustrator are self-employed and I was not sure that was what I wanted and wondered if I should switch to Fashion Design.


Elaine helped me to explore the pros and cons of the two courses and the range of post-grad opportunities. We looked at the fashion course and discussed the areas I would enjoy. I realised that with the fashion course I could also reinstate my love of making clothers!

I decided to change courses and although the transition has taken time, I realise this course allows me to keep my career options open and gives me a much wider experience for my future in the fashion industry.

Sally H.

Elaine is a warm, caring, friendly, very knowledgeable lady who has helped my 20-year-old son enormously recently. She is clearly passionate about helping young people and has a lovely gentle and un-patronising manner when talking to my son. In our first session she learned so much about my son just by chatting gently with him and quickly drew up an action plan for us which she has since followed up and updated.


My son is feeling so much more positive about his future now and much of this is down to Elaine. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone whose youngster is struggling a little with finding their way in the world. Thank you Elaine, and we will see you soon. Best wishes, Sally Horne

Myra S.

I recently attended a careers clinic with Elaine for my daughter who is in Year 9. She is at the start of her career journey and was undecided with regard to career choice. Although she has chosen her options she did not have a specific vocation in mind. 
Elaine was brilliant at going through her likes and dislikes, interests and experiences.


We came away from the session with lots of ideas and useful websites along with an action plan that now gives us a framework to build upon. I would most definitely recommend Elaine in this respect.

Emma D.

Elaine’s sessions proved massively helpful in my search for full-time employment within the marketing sector. I’d never had a careers advisor outside of university, but I needed a helping hand after I’d only managed to secure part-time work after my graduation. Elaine was able to give share some fantastic ideas which I’d never considered, and used her experience to guide me through lots of options with where my career was headed.

The most useful part of our meetings was her help in how to write an outstanding cover letter and how to craft targeted CVs. I’d been job hunting for two months before I met Elaine with a bog standard CV and cover letters which hadn’t worked. With her help , I transformed my approach and had more interviews than ever before! I had secured my new dream job within a month of meeting Elaine.

Elaine is great to talk to, professional yet fun and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the job sector, no matter what industry you are seeking. She’s been invaluable and I can’t recommend her enough!

Laura F.

Elaine was extremely helpful to me in giving me practical advice about setting up my own business and she also guided me to identify what my priorities are and how to focus on them as a starting point. Before I spoke to Elaine, I was finding the whole process overwhelming but thanks to her calm and knowledgeable advice I can now see a clear way forward. Many thanks Elaine

Jess B.

We just wanted to write to thank you Elaine for the time you spent with our daughter recently, who was having trouble choosing her GCSE options in year 9. You were so kind and welcoming to us all, took the time to listen to all of our thoughts and queries and Eleanor felt very comfortable talking with you. You brought to the forefront some qualities, characteristics and pathways which we had not really thought of before, but which made total sense looking back! Sometimes as parents we can be too involved with our children to see the bigger picture and it really helped for you to come in and see it from the outside. Your support and advice really helped us all feel much more confident with our decision making together and we would highly recommend your service to anyone of any age - I'm sure we will be returning in the future! Thanks again, Jessica x

Lucinda S.

Elaine provides an individual and personal careers service. She encourages self-reflection and self-analysis to determine your own strengths and personal goals. Looking in-depth at possible career avenues, Elaine leads you on a supportive pathway towards achieving your aspirations through helping you to create a CV which can be skills-based, looking in detail at possible job adverts as well as writing a covering letter. Each session starts with a review and each one ends with targets so that you move step by step towards achieving your goal. All in all the service is supportive, encouraging and very proactive.