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A summer/part time job - 8 reasons why your teen might benefit!

It’s almost time for the lovely 6 week summer break and you might be wondering how you will keep your children happily enjoying their time away from school and college!

Teens may not welcome you organising their day! Indeed they may just want to chill. In my experience it can be hard to feel calm when your teenager has spent the best part of the day in bed sleeping – yes I know it’s good for them and they physiologically need a lot of sleep – that is true! But maybe making new connections, learning new stuff and earning a bit of money is also good!

For older children, 15 years upwards, they might want to think about getting a summer job, internship or work experience.

So what’s the value in doing this – I can think of at least 8 reasons!

1. They learn to take a bit of responsibility for themselves – including setting the alarm and showing up when they should

2. They learn to be part of a team and all the skills that go with it – problem solving, putting other people first, being creative, communication, time management and so on

3. They gain some independence

4. They develop self worth

5. They have some great experience to put on their CV

6. They may get a good reference for future work

7. They get to find out about what they like and don’t like – a huge lesson in developing self awareness which may give them clues to future work

For more help, check out my 3 part series blogs on How to get a summer/part time job - June 2022!

Elaine Latchford June 2022

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