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Much more than a Working Title......

This weekend I went to the cinema and watched a great film – Yesterday, directed by Danny Boyle. If you are planning on seeing it, I won’t spoil it for you!

But whether a film is good or bad, in my view, I will always stick it out until the very end. And I mean the very end.

I never leave until the credits finish, the music stops and the lights go up. And despite recognising only some of the names of the cast, I will always pay my respects to all those hundreds of people who have made it happen.

Even the ‘fifth runner’ gets a mention in the credits. No-one is left out. And I think that’s important.

But not only that, I am also fascinated by the array of job roles that are listed in the credits. I have never heard of Best Boy grip (assistant to department heads in lighting and rigging) and Location Marshall (someone who locks off areas to the public for safety/film accuracy)!

If you want to check out some typical film industry roles, you can look online for the full credit list and cast for Yesterday - it's fascinating.

And if your teenager is thinking about a job in the film industry, do take a look at a really useful website below which helps young people entering the business. And also check out the British Film Institute which is also a helpful website.

Of course, if you and your teenager would like individual careers support, whatever their career interests, I can help them understand how to find out more, advise on best learning routes and identify work experience and job opportunities. Please do give me a call on 07910273740 to find out more.

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