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Read between the lines to help your teenager create a great CV!

Last week I wrote a blog about my best kept secret for helping you and your teenager develop a really great CV see In simple terms, I recommended keeping notes of everything they have achieved/overcome/hobbies and interests and keeping them safe in a folder ready for when you need them.

This information is probably the most important content you’ll need when they are 14/15 or 16 years old, particularly as they may not have work experience or GCSEs to include in their CV. It’s important because employers look for these valuable things in a young person:

1. Does this person have self belief

2. Can they communicate

3. Can they work in a team

4. Can they problem solve

5. Are they prepared to learn

6. Can they get to work on time!

Today I’ll use my previous examples of a teenager’s achievements and hobbies and transform them into qualities and skills an employer will love to read about!

Here is the list. We can now read between the lines to discover those things your teenager can offer an employer which I’ve highlighted in bold:

  • Member of local athletic club – came 2nd in the long jump in a local competition – teamwork, perseverance, commitment, self belief

  • Help my mum with her business calculating cost of materials and hourly rates (or this could be household budget) – supportive, problem solving, mathematical skills

  • Have been redesigning a part of the garden to include a place for toy storage – creative, problem solving, vision, design skills

  • Help out at the local animal rescue centre – self management (timekeeping), communication, passion for animals, caring

  • Achieved an award for most improved student in history class – resilient, hard worker, commitment

An incredible list! So now we have all the essential ingredients for writing a Profile Statement that will show their unique values to an employer – this goes at the top of the CV. And we also have the list of Interests and Achievements which will form its own section next on the page.

Next time we’ll look at some more helpful tips to complete all the information you need to craft a CV with your teenager…..

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